Parties At 442

86% love it
When sex is on the mind
This place has two levels, private play space, slings, glory hole booths, a darkroom, sex benches and beds, flat screen TVs with the hottest porn and lockers.


    • variety
      Great sex club, real variety of corners and rooms and benches and devices to hook up on. Been twice, both busy. Once a cumunion, which was packed, once just a week night, still a good crowd.

    • js87
      js87 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      no means no
      the website says "only consensual plays" but when you are young and charming, you will get raped even if you say no, i was almost about to get raped and had to run to the lockerroom which is almost right next to the staff(doorman) that was the least i could do, two or more guys were creeping me and one was forcing me i literally ran to the lockerroom and had to wait there for an hour being nervous until he was leaving and he was chasing after me ended finding me there and threatened me that he was gonna fuck me next time, well there's no next time because when i reported that to the doorman he said he cant do anything about so that means "you get fucked, its not my problem" and this is why people think that gay rape victims actually enjoyed the act, f it

    • pupkinpie2
      pupkinpie2 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Sex club
      Great sex club in San Francisco. Holds the regular Cum Union parties.