Kosmetik with John F**king Cartwright and Very Much Romance


This week we have double the love on tap with two guest features.

John F**king Cartwright will light the candles with his signature mix of disco, house, and funk.

The Oakland duo, Very Much Romance, embarks on their sets with the desire of blending harsher percussion/breaks with some softer-around-the-edges melodic bliss. Such is in line with their founding story: outside of Paloma Bar in Berlin, they were in a warm embrace after having a small tiff, and a group of Spanish, French or maybe Italian (??!!) passerby felt the need to chime in, “veeeery much romance!” It's all history from there <3


Resident DJs:
Matthew Paul

Hunky Bartender:
Oscar P.

Siobhan Aluvalot

$5 all night!!!, 21+
Every Wednesday
The Stud
399 9th St, SF


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