Join local Legends Juanita More, Gehno Aviance and DJ Jason Kending [Honey Soundsystem] as San Francisco throws down with one of the most legendary Houses of NYC, The House of Aviance. With over 800 members world-wide, the House of Aviance has continued to make its mark wherever its Children go.

Kevin Aviance and Mother Juan will turn you out with performances and slice you up a serving of FIERCENESS while voguing.the likes you have never seen before while DJ Nita Aviance works it on the decks....And for the few of you that have, you know exactly whats not to be missed!

Not only does August 3rd mark Gehno Aviances 40th birthday but the month of August also marks 23 years since the birth of the House of Aviance!


*JUANITA MORE [House of More]

*MOTHER JUAN AVIANCE [House of Aviance]

*KEVIN AVIANCE [House of Aviance]

*JASON KENDIG [Honey Soundsytem]

*NITA AVIANCE [House of Aviance]

Featuring the artwork of Javier Rocabado:



LIMITED PRESALE TICKETS: 7/10/12 THRU 7/25/12: $20


TICKETS: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/259499


Come hang with Juanita More, Mother Juan, Kevin, Nita and Gehno Aviance while celebrating the Houses and Gehnos Birthdays in style!



TICKETS: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/259499


House of Aviance

The House of Aviance was founded August 1989 in Washington, DC on 1420 Harvard Street. A few years later the Aviance Sacred Heart Logo came to light. Originally the logo was given as a gift for Valentines Day but Mother Juan loved it so much he asked the creator Alfred Galindo Aviance for his blessing to use it as the House logo. The HOA credo "DESIDERATA" was discovered by Johnathan Clark Aviance, he recited it one night and Mother Juan quickly thought it fit the way he looks at life and adopted it. As of August 2012 HOA celebrates its 23rd Anniversary with 800 members strong. Its story is a modern day fable of connections, commitment, dedication, passion, blind faith and love.


Mother Juan Aviance

A secretary by trade and the proud owner of the infamous, trademarked House of Aviance Juan Aviance, or as legions around the world call him Mother Juan Aviance, has come a long way from his humble beginnings. Born in 1963 in Charleston, South Carolina to Mr. and Mrs. Williams, he has not only been inspired by those musicians and artists he has met along the way but also by his biological mothers philosophy: You make yourself who you are, not even a name makes up an individual.

Juan heard the calling at a young age. Raised in Boston, he was always inspired by music, dance and the arts. As a child, he exhibited entrepreneurial skills which are now responsible for the House of Aviance's success today. Throughout his childhood, particularly in his teens, he participated in school entertainment projects, notably music and dance. Though he truly loved the discipline of the arts, by high school he realized that he didnt have the passion necessary to consider it as a full-time career. Although he played around with idea of pursuing music & dance in college he couldn't shake off the

repetitive nature of performing. He says, I just hated doing the same routines over and over again. I simply was not in love with that aspect of entertaining, it was not for me.

He graduated high school in 1982 but still wasnt sure what he might do career-wise, so he went to business school to pick up office skills that would enable him to make a living. Juan learned to love that type of work and knew it would be a way to provide a living. While in business school he worked for The Boston Public Schools and then The State of Massachusetts Disability as a Secretarial Clerk.

In 1987, things started happening. He learned that friends who lived in Boston with him were moving to Washington, DC, and they wanted him to join them. Juan felt the time was right to make the move and bravely, without knowing what would happen, went for it! He took his secretarial skills with him and landed a job with an Environmental Lobbyist where he set up press conferences with Senators on Capitol Hill and performed paralegal work. He says, I guess those skills I obtained in business school and on previous jobs came in handy."

Shortly after he discovered the nightlife of Washington, DC and his life changed forever. He frequented clubs on a regular basis and his congeniality soon opened doors for him. He learned the ropes and was soon on the A-list of club guest lists and became a staple of the scene.

In 1989, he heard about vogue houses and ballroom competitions, and his childhood experience with setting up talent shows came back to him. He had heard about this in his earlier years, but he never really grasped the concept. Juan states, In my earlier years I went to the Paradise Garage a few times and heard the Legendary DJ Larry Levan spin. I also witnessed outstanding performances by Liz Torrez, Grace Jones and watched in awe the Houses vogueing in all their glory. I

even had the privilege to meet the up and coming artist of time Keith Haring, which was an honor in itself. Although it was all exciting and interesting to me, only in hind sight do I realize those very experiences would help groom me to the person Ive become today".


Kevin Aviance

Kevin Aviance was raised in Richmond, Virginia, in a close-knit family of seven siblings. From an early age, Aviance dedicated himself to the study of music and theatre. Kevins career as a performance artist and club personality began in Washington, DC, continued in Miami, and eventually landed him in New York City. In 1989, the House of Aviance [1] was founded in Washington by Mother Juan Aviance.

Kevin has appeared in several films, including Flawless starring Robert De Niro and the independent film Punks. Besides his feature-film work he has made guest appearances on such shows as the The Tyra Banks Show, and America's Next Top Model, also hosted by Tyra Banks. His songs "Din Da Daa,", "Rhythm Is My Bitch", "Alive", "Give It Up" and "Strut", have all reached #1 of the Billboard dance chart. The only one of singles not to peak at #1 to date is "Dance For Love." Aviance's most successful dance radio hit to date is "Give It Up" released in 2004. His second album, Entity is a more consistent effort than his first but seems to be available online only.

DJ Nita Aviance

Known to play on 3 decks or more, Nita bends the New York underground sound with the New World Beat to create his own, distinct voice in dance music. Influenced by the Legends of New York House music Junior Vasquez, Danny Tenaglia, and Timmy Regisford, Nita delicately interweaves the hardest of beat downs for anyone ready to lose their mind on the dancefloor.

From a very young age, Nitas obsession with music led him to spend hours with his fathers record collection, studying and perfecting the art of the beat-matched mix-tape. A trained percussionist, jazz singer and dancer, Nita leapt into New Yorks booming nightlife scene in the 90s. Quickly, he was inducted as a member of the legendary House of Aviance, where he fully engulfed the art of performance. During this phase, Nita became well-acquainted with the wheels of steel, serving New York clubbers with a hot dish of house/electronic music. His sound helped transform the East Villages Opaline Area 10009 into the ultimate dance party of the early 2000s. It was during the Opaline days when DJ Nita along with fellow DJ Sammy Jo formed the Downtown DJ Coalition as a musical alternative to the redundant and repetitive sounds of the mega-club. In late 2006, DJ Nita and Gant Johnson opened Tubway. What began as a small soulful, living-room-style party, evolved into the most raucous Saturday night cross-section of New York nightlife seen in a MINUTE. His recent residency at the NYC underground dance den, mr.Black has garnered praise from nightlife legends, attracting appearances from the likes of Tom Stephan, AC Slater, Junior Vasquez and UKs Horse Meat Disco. DJ Nita is a three- or four-time Glammy Award winner for Best DJ, and Tubway was a Paper magazine best party award winner for 2008. DJ Nita demonstrates his artistic ear with mixing acrobatics that are seamless and spectacular by the exactitude that it requires to pull off any and every one of his crazy sonic mixologist cocktails.


Juanita More

Fashion, food, philanthropy, and furious beats: its all in a days work for San Francisco icon Juanita MORE! A celebrated drag performer, fashion muse, fundraiser, and gourmand, Juanita has been a force of creativity in her hometown and beyond for over two decades.

In 2011, the San Francisco LGBT Pride Celebration Committee recognized Juanita for her outstanding artistic contribution to the LGBT community. Add this to the long list of honors accrued throughout her career, including being named Fundraising Chair of AGUILAS in 2002 and Grand Marshal of the SF LGBT Pride Parade in 2005. The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence proclaimed her a Saint in 2006, the same year she completed a music video for the band The New Pornographers titled Sing Me Spanish Techno. In 2008, she was recognized by California State Senator Mark Leno for her commitment to bringing joy to the hearts of many in need. That same year, the Bay Guardian also acknowledged her as The Best of the Bays Mistress Of Motown.

As a DJ and party personality, Juanita continues to reach out to the next generation of queer youth with club nights across the country, including her weekly party Booty Call Wednesdays in San Franciscos historic Castro District. In addition, she holds DJ residencies at Susanne Bartsch and Kenny Kennys Vandam Sunday in New York, the monthly BEATPIG at San Franciscos notorious Powerhouse, Seattles Lip Service, and Mother in Los Angeles. Her annual Pride Party has the widely-held reputation of being the best party of the year, and has raised over $100,000 for various local non-profit organizations serving the LGBT community.


Jason Kendig

Jason began collecting records in Detroit in the Early 90's and fell in love with DJing shortly thereafter. He is obsessed with Disco, Italo, classic Chicago House & early Detroit Techno as well as the creative sounds of contemporary electronic artists. He has DJed throughout the United States and in Europe at clubs & parties like Horse Meat Disco (London), Club Lux (Lisbon), Tripod (Dublin), Paradiso (Amsterdam), Pratersauna & Fluc Wanne (Vienna), Berghain (Berlin) and Hafen 2 (Frankfurt). He is currently resident for San Francisco's superb HONEY SOUNDSYSTEM Crew and releasing music on the MR.INTL record label.


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