Thank GLAAD It's Friday San Francisco


GLAAD presents our national networking event series for young LGBT professionals and straight allies in San Francisco, Thank GLAAD It's Friday - featuring ABSOLUT ® Vodka and Miller 64!

Join us at Rebel Bar for evening cocktails and support GLAAD's work. From standing up for Ellen DeGeneres when anti-gay activists called for her to be fired, to working alongside an Ohio mom to get the Boy Scouts to end its policy banning gay scouts and scout leaders, GLAAD is sharing the stories that move us closer to equality. But we need your support to continue this important work!


GLAAD Board of Directors
Officers - Sheri Fults (Co-chair), John F. Stephens (Co-chair and Treasurer), Thom Reilly (Secretary)
Members - Chad Boettcher, Marci Bowers, M.D., Professor Jennifer Finney Boylan, George Cheeks, Leslie Donovan, Michele H. Edelman, Dean Hansell, David Hedley,III, Lori M. James, Alan Keith, Scott E. Miller, Kevin Oldis, Mike Schaefer, Anthony E. Varona, Steve Warren, Esq., Craig Zodikoff

San Francisco Leadership Council
Cathy Brooks, Alejandro Franceschi, Gary Gansle, Rowena Gargalicana, Alex Goldsmith, Rick Hamer, Jim Laufenberg, Rachel Lehman, John Marez, Lindsay Romig, Adam Sandel, Saldy Suriben, Michael Wagner

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