Group Trip to the Asian Art Museum to see Decoding Chinese Calligraphy


Some of you know that I'm an amateur calligrapher so I'm very interested in this. We all like drama right? Well, we are gay. So let's find the drama beneath the surface. This exhibition decodes the secrets behind China’s most revered art form. With masterpieces on view for the first time in the West and works from modern and contemporary artists, Out of Character is a bold and unprecedented presentation of Chinese calligraphy.

40 great works dating back to the 14th century.
15 masterpieces.
3 modern masters.
1 commissioned work by renowned artist Xu Bin

By the way, admission is free on the first Sunday of each month. Bring a picnic lunch or buy a sandwich Celtic Coffee in the Civic Center area and we'll have a picnic lunch by noon in front of City Hall or just stay in the cafe depending on weather. Gathering will take place at 11:30 at Celtic Coffee (on Golden Gate next to the museum), lunch at noon, and as soon as everyone is ready and done eating, we'll enter the museum. Departure for many of us will be at 3:30 to make it to volleyball practice. Non-volleyball people are welcome to come watch us play (or try playing yourself). That Sunday will be the Balls of Furry final practice before competing in Sacramento on November 10th. This event is open and please feel free to bring any guest that you like. Hope to see you then!


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