Bawdy Storytelling's 'Sex Educator Down Low' (SF)


Storytellers include:
- Good Vibrations' Guru Charlie Glickman
- Workshop leader & Dirty Talk-er Amy Jo Goddard
- Sex shop confidante AviAnswers
- Cuddle Party founder & Relationship Coach Marcia Baczynski
- Erotic Professional & Advocate Sabrina Morgan
- Adolescent Sex Educator (& hoot) J-Delicious
- Music by (ooooh!) Orchid & Hound

Tickets $12 in Advance at
$15 at the Door
Bawdy SF is an 18+up event
Remember: Doors at 7, Stories at 8!

Did you know that semen is a natural antidepressant, and a great skin-tightening, anti-wrinkle serum? A little knowledge can go a long way and Sex educators - and their superior anatomical, biological and chemical know-how- have heard it all, seen it all...and let’s face it probably done it all, in the name of enlightenment and educating the masses. It’s so much cooler when you do it for Science, isn’t it?

At our next Bawdy Storytelling, join us to hear the low down from six pros who will describe their most unusual cases, their most creative advice, and – if we’re lucky, a peek at a public and private life that revolves around our favorite activity. If you need a bit of schooling (or just love to hear authority figures say things like “paroxysms of pleasure”), then boy, have we got a Bawdy for you. It won’t be anything like that sex-ed film your 7th grade gym teacher showed you, we promise!

Performer Bios:

- Charlie Glickman is a sex educator, blogger, writer, author, trainer and coach. He love geeking out about sex, relationships, pleasure, and how to make them all work better. He's also one of the authors of the upcoming book "The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure," due to be released in time for Valentine's Day. Find out more about the book at, and more about Charlie at, or on facebook, twitter, and google+ as Charlie Glickman.

- Marcia Baczynski is a relationship coach, workshop facilitator, sex educator, writer and consultant based in San Francisco. She is the co-creator of the global phenomenon called Cuddle Party, the designer and co-leader of Foundations of Facilitation, the mastermind behind, and the lead coach at Asking For What You Want.

- Amy Jo Goddard is a Sexual Empowerment Coach, sexuality educator and David Neagle Certified Miracle of Money Mentor. She believes that sex, money and relationships are intertwined and that as people work on their sexual confidence and sexual lives they attract better relationships, more money and experience expansion and fulfillment in every area of their lives. She works primarily with women and couples who care about self-transformation, creativity and owning their own brilliance. She is a performing artist, and co-author of Lesbian Sex Secrets for Men among other writings. A well-established sexuality professional who has been transforming people’s sexual and relationship lives for nearly 20 years, Amy Jo lives in New York City & can be found at

- Sabrina Morgan is a sex worker, an advocate, and a sexuality educator and facilitator. Fascinated with the messy places where society and sexuality intersect, she has been practicing kink-focused sex work since 2005 and chronicling her experiences since 2006. As an erotic professional Sabrina found that self-advocacy, sex education, relationship negotiation, and facilitation were as necessary for mutually satisfying encounters as seduction skills. Her analytical approach to sexuality led her to break those skills down and find ways to make them accessible (and useful) to all. She presents regularly on kink, sex work, relationships, and conscious sexuality.

- What is an Avi? Avi is a San Francisco based sex educator and smut lover. Avi is a reviewer of toys, a watcher of porn, and a supporter of filth. With years of experience as a sex shop worker, queer community member, and alternative art maker, Avi is obsessed with the ever growing field of sexual knowledge and learning and the different forms it can be derived from. When not working towards their M.A., Avi writes recommendations about people, places, and things in the Bay Area sex world at Avi can be reached at [email protected]

- J-Delicious has been a certified Sexuality Educator since 1998 and teaching sex education to youth and adult for 20 years. She earned her Masters of Divinity, with a concentration in human sexuality and theology. She is known for her quick wit and her ability to bring respectful hilarity to the topic of human sexuality. She was formerly the volunteer coordinator for St. James Infirmary, SF's sex worker health clinic. She currently is running her own sex education organization called Superstar Health to over 3000 students of San Francisco's public schools. She also has been trained by the Body Electric School as sacred intimate and teaches erotic arts to San Francisco's sex positive party communities. She provides counseling for poly, perverts, kinksters and queers. In her spare time she also does pussy art, and creates hand made high quality silicone dildos, live cast from her favorite penises of the Bay Area. She's a busy beaver.

-Orchid and Hound is comprised of 26 year old John Constantine and Lawrence Alarcon. The two met in opera class at a Los Angeles arts high school, fell in love, moved up to San Francisco, fell out of love... and formed a band. They gigged around California, had the opportunity to play at South by Southwest 2010, and flew east to play shows in Berlin. During this time they were writing and performing songs that became the fan-funded album, The Boyfriend, released in 2012. Orchid and Hound's music pairs lush arrangements with strong vocal harmonies - a sound of the past brought to the present with contemporary themes. The album is a reflection of the pair's experience in a world where young gay men still struggle to find their identity in society.


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