Protest Against MUMC for Denying the Raise of the Trans Flag in Castro



"In early September, a local, black, trans, HIV-positive woman named Veronika Fimbres submitted written and verbal requests to the MUMC to fly the Transgender Pride flag for Transgender Day of Remembrance on November 20th.

"TDOR is a day to honor and pay respect to all of the transgender victims of violence, harassment and prejudice around the world. The MUMC responded to her request on Monday in writing saying,

'The MUMC Board has thoroughly reviewed, discussed and considered the request, and we appreciate your patience while that was done. The request is not approved and there will be no change in the Rainbow Flag display on November 20.'”

They see it acceptable to fly the Bear Flag during Bear Week and the Leather Flag during Leather Week and UP YOUR ALLEY Weekend however when it comes to Transgender Day of Remembrance Day (who have been discriminated against more than any Gay, Lesbian, or Bisexual subgroup) they deny it. Well for a neighborhood that was the forefront of spearing the Equality March and Movement for Gay rights this is UNACCEPTABLE. And to deny it atop of the Harvey Milk Plaza? Named after a man who DIED for Equality. This is Ridiculous.

Therefore Come ready to picket, scream and protest the MUMC so that the Transgender Community can be included fully into our queer little group knowns as the LGBT.

We are working on possible portable sound for performances...We highly recommend queens and everyone show up in the flag colors in a statement of solidarity!!!


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