The San Francisco Queer Open Mic featuring Dazie Rustin Grego


October is one of my favorite months of the year. I love this weather and I love this city, and I love The San Francisco Queer Open Mic, this month our feature is the talented Dazié Rustin Grego!

The show is October 26th, again at The Museum of Performance and Design, come by and show us what you got! Join us, your hosts Baruch Porras-Hernandez and the invisible Blythe Baldwin, it will be close to Halloween so we might be in costume, if you feel so inclined come in COSTUME! If not, that is totally okay too!

Now here is more on our feature, DAZIE RUSTIN GREGO!
Dazié Rustin Grego is a Bay Area performance artist and activist. His earliest artistic focus was poetry in its written form. This eventually culminated in the creation of two separate collections of poetry “Picking My Toes On A Monday Night” and “Light”. In 2000 he joined and recorded music with The Deep Dicollective one of the countries first black gay hip hop groups. Not long after Dazié went on to the Experimental Performance Institute at New College San Francisco where he received his Bachelors of Arts in Queer Activist Performance in 2006. Since attending New College Dazié has created several one man shows which included “Where is Adam?” “Three” “The Changer” and “The Changed”and most recently “I AM A MAN” an exploration of gay masculinity. All of Dazié’s work relies heavily on spoken word, dance and music creating beautifully layered multidisciplinary performances.

Last month we had our biggest show EVER at the Museum of Performance and Design, it was packed, standing room only and the energy was fantastic. We want to thank the Museum of Performance and Design for being so hospitable with us, and letting us use that gorgeous space, please come and check out the show and what they’re doing down at the MPD.

Same SFQOM folks, sign up lists is up at 7pm! Come at 7pm to get on the list folks, it fills up fast. That means, come at 6:55 to be ready to sign up.

Q “How can I guarantee a spot on the list? I want to have a spot on the list and not have to worry about it, how can that happen?”

A “Volunteer with us! If you check in with me in advance and we can schedule you to come early and help set up, that means you get on the list for sure.”

Q “What if I can’t come early? What if I don’t get out of work till 6:30 and I can’t get there by 7pm? How can I guarantee a spot on the list?”

A “Again, volunteer! Volunteer to be on our street team! Take a stack of SFQOM fliers and put them up around at least 2 neighborhoods and pass out fliers at other events gets you a guaranteed spot. But you have to chat with Baruch about how to do it.”

Q “I want to feature at the Queer Open Mic, how do I do that? Who do I talk to?”

A “Contact Baruch, the Head Organizer and Curator of The San Francisco Queer Open Mic at [email protected]

Q “Is it a place to come have fun?”

A “Fuck yes.”

Friday October 26th, SAME QUEER TIME 7:30 NEW VENUE!!!

Museum of Performance and Design.
SAME QUEER LIST list goes up at 7:00pm folks, it fills up fast so get there on time.

SAME QUEER RULES signing up gets you a slot to do 1 piece and 1 piece only.

That’s 5 minutes to perform 1 piece and 1 piece only


see you there my lovely QOMers!


Baruch Porras-Hernandez – Head Organizer/Curator

Museum of Performance and Design. Veterans Building, Civic Center, 401 Van Ness, Suite 402, 4th Floor, San Francisco CA, 94102


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