UNMUTE: An outburst of SF Electronic Music feat. Adonisaurus, Darling Gunsel & Rowsy Bosch


UNMUTE: The Official Album Release Party for ROWSY BOSCH, DARLING GUNSEL and, featuring new material from ADONISAURUS.

Sure, it's a Tuesday night, but that doesn't mean that you can't dance your ass off and support some of San Francisco's newest and most exciting new Electronic acts. On Tuesday November 13th Beatbox will UNMUTE with the sounds of San Francisco's Electronic Music.

Doors open at 7.30pm

Pre-Sale Tickets: http://darlinggunselmerchandise.wazala.com/

ROWSY BOSCH feat. Jeb Havens is a newly formed, San Francisco-based pop/dance collaboration between electronic music producer and composer Oliver Voigt and singer/songwriter Jeb Havens. With both artists coming from the opposite side of the spectrum, the result is a unique blend of classic singer/songwriter elements and contemporary
production. Their new EP "Corralitos" is now available on iTunes.

DARLING GUNSEL: Hot off the success of Ejector - iconic SF band, and winner of the Guardians Best Local Band Award in 2010 - Ricky Terry and Dr Scott decided to embark on a new music project, this time with female vocalist, Jezabel. The result is Darling Gunsel - Electronic Pop that has heavy bass, synths reminiscent of the 80's and vocals that seem to vacillate between Dusty Springfield and Shirley Manson. Their debut album Unresolved Heart is out now.

ADONISAURUS: Adonisaurus twiddles knobs and makes beats in the name of sexy, electronic primitivism. With each song, Derek and Danyol build infectious drum beats, dressed with the stark energy of their lyrics. The duo's style is substantial, but their true style is substance, and through their process and performance, Adonisaurus will fossilize all preconceived notions of electronica.

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