Coast to Coast


San Francisco Responds

We all continue to watch the horrible images pouring in from the victims
of the storm.

San Francisco has always known how to deal with disaster and now is the time to reach out and do what we can to help.

It is important to remember that these are not just far off strangers. They are our friends and loved ones.

please attend!
A $50 suggested donation
(minimum $20 donation)

Today I received this touching email reaching out and asking for help.

"Hey Paul, Monty here.

Living in Spain now or else I would happily join you in whatever fundraiser you're thinking about for the victims of Sandy. I wanted to tell you: my family (5 families of cousins, plus my 90 year old Aunt) was hit hard. I have a personal plea to ask for help.

They live in Rockaway, NY, (Queens) and like the NJ coast, Sandy hit them bad. They are just down the street from Breezy Point (Queens), a subject of recent news stories because of the raging fires.

Rockaway is the same place where AA flight 587 crashed on Nov 11, 2001, onto the house of another cousin who was killed along with her eldest son.

My family has been through a lot. In particular, I have a first cousin named Mary Ellen Olsen, who has MS, has been in a wheelchair for the last 5 years, raising two adopted boys with her husband. They evacuated their
house (with all handicap improvements made) before the flooding and lost everything in the subsequent fire. They have nothing. They are living with my Aunt, also displaced, and another cousin in a shelter in Brooklyn.

I tell you this in case you were looking for a particular family who would personally be able to use whatever funds raised for the basics. If you're interested, there are fundraising pages set up (for my cousins as well as for the other families in the area), or the Red Cross, but in case you wanted to personalize the fundraiser, I know a family who could use the help."

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