It would give us great pleasure if you would join us for a dance in celebration of life and the universe : Friday Nov 23rd at the very wonderful 222 Hyde St.

Every time we've had a family style event in the city recently people have expressed a keen interest in us doing something more regular here it is ! LIFT takes off this month on the 23rd and will then take place on the 4th Friday of every month.

The format is simple : excellent sound at a wicked cool spot with great drinks and pizza. Superb, luscious upfront and sexy techno music provided by our residents and your local friends and family favorites with the odd internationally renowned underground dance music luminary thrown in for good measure :)

We are very lucky to have as our first guest, from Mexico City : Guada

Guada wants to touch, not to intimidate the eardrum. With her audible landscapes she tells vibrant stories of Love, lust, higher emotional forms and enduring happiness. She travels in time and space throughout genres — Body/Spirit, Complexity/Spontaneity, Harmony, Dissonance, Electronic/Acoustic, Digital/Vinyl.

In the last ten years she has traveled with her sound from Mexico, across the US, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Belize, Chile, Ecuador, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, London, Ibiza, and Poland.

Sonic support will be provided by residents Lick the DJ and Alex Windsor


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