Bears in the Pub


--- No Cover, No Fundraising, No Contests.
--- Just Beards, Booze, & Bears
--- $3 Jack / $3 Captain!
--- Sunday, December 2nd! 4-8pm

"Bears in the Park" is "Bears in the Pub" for the colder months.

This is just an excuse to get together without strings attached! There's plenty of other great fundraisers and I encourage you to attend those, too! As a matter of fact come back the next Sunday for Sunday Furry Sunday!

[ This was sent to my personally-culled "SF Bears" list. But, I hate spam as much as you do, so I will not be offended in the least you want to be removed from my list. Just ask! Or you can simply "Ignore all invites from Jeffrey Glover". I understand completely how annoying I can be! ]


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