Periwinkle Cinema: Sex, Queers and Rock n Roll


A program comprised entirely of queer music videos from the bay area
and beyond. Featuring new videos by Moira Scar, and Heathurzz as well
as a ton of not-to-be forgotten classics you wont want to miss.

Curated by: Gentry McShane

Femmes Want Revolution – dir. Haley Koch, Allison Stelly, & Simone Koch(3:58)
Femme Bitch Top - Tribe 8- dir. Romy Suskin (3:36)
I really wanted you - Pansy Division-dir. Anjali (2:21)
Sharecropping-Mutilated Mannequins- dir. Justin Kelly (4:11)
It's 3 O'Clock- Puce Moment- dir. Gary Fembot (3:47)
We are the Younger Lovers/ Keeps on Falling Down - Younger Lovers-dir. Gary Fembot (3:16)
Organ Grinder- Moira Scar- (3:59)
Lat’s Yerk-Jeepneys- dir. Siobhan Aluvalot (3:46)
Walk on-Psychic Handbook- dir. AJA and Kim Trailz (3:47)
Bodily Contortions-Melting Wreck- dir. Kim Trailz (1:19)
4evr27-MissKultra- (6:01)
Freaky Dark Dust-Kallisto D'Amore- dir. Rik Lee(3:22)
Man, Boy-9021ho- dir. Gentry McShane (3:30)
Spit n Glitter -Scream Club ft. Rhani Ramedes-dir. Justin Kelly (4:19)
Don’t cha want me back - Hunx and His Punx - dir. Justin Kelly(3:34)
Pajama Jam-MOM- dir. Jessa Golden & Gentry McShane (0:32)
Best Friends-Toxic Lipstick (2:11)
Straight To Hell- San Cha- dir. Javier Infante (4:03)
Spiderette- Placentaur- dir. Scream Queens (2:18)
My Boo- Heathurzz- dir. Gentry McShane (3:18)
196 Crayons- No Babies- dir.Sean Soloman (0:22)
Call me Maybe-Marissa Magic and Nadia Buyse- dir: Nadia Buyse (1:21)
Transfixed- Jer Ber Jones ft. Calpernia Addams (4:52)


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