Hasta La Vista Hooters Part 1


Im getting rid of the girls. Saying toodles to the tits, sayonara to the love sacks, bye bye baby feeders, peace out to the pillows... I am having top surgery and I could use some help.
We have been going to each others benefits for years, top surgery, art mags, life cycles, and here I am adding to the numbers.

Obviously as your friendly neighborhood queer bar bar tender I will be out work for quite a while to heal from this and that's where the rubber meets the lack of money road.

So please, come down to the Lex on Thursday December 6th. I will be bar tending from 9pm on.

Donations are easy, Im bartending so you can simply tip me, Elizabeth will be passing the hat so you can slip her a bill or two, or simply just drink (Lila is graciously donating a percentage of the ring from the night).

Check back to the invite, we will be adding some possible raffles and other late additions to help you party with your hard earned dollars.

If you can't make it to this event there will be a Hasta La Vista Hooters Part 2 coming soon to a bar near you.

Thank you so much to all of you, donations or not all your help and support means the world to me. If not for you and this place we call home I would never have had the balls to get rid of my boobs and be really happy for the first time with my body.

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