Erik Proctor's Beer Bust Fundraiser for Hurricane Sandy Victims


As we know...the East coast took a very, very tragic and devastating hit from hurricane Sandy and have been in recovery and clean up mode ever since. As an American, I feel I need to do my part and raise as much funds as I can to donate to the Red Cross so it can go towards helping the victims recover as much as possible.

I thought that by having this fundraiser every one could come and help donate even if you haven't or have yet. I know we are busy in our lives at times and mean to do something or help by donating, but get caught up in our own things that we may forget too. Well here is an opportunity for us to finally do so.

We will have a $10 beer bust or you can just donate if you do not drink beer. I will have 3 amazing boys selling cups to everyone and dancing this event so you will be very entertained. I have Frank Fanucchi, Bray Love and Chad Stewart. They're ready to help collect money to send to the Red Cross to help out hurricane Sandy Victims. Kidd Sysko will also be on the turntables tearin it up!

Hope to see you all there and this is my first personal fundraiser so please come support me!


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