Meet the GLAMCOCKS: QBar Beer Bust!


Ever had the feeling that your cock was glamorous? Us too. Join us for our San Francisco debut at QBAR for an all out BEER BUST to help raise money for our Burning Man camp the GLAMCOCKS!

We are an all-gay, always glamorous group of boys from all across the world. Our NYC and Sydney brothers have been throwing parties so now its our turn. Lets show them which coast is the best coast ;)

We love to have a good time so we pulled some strings, tugged some cocks, and flirted our way into some GREAT DEALS just for you:

-BEER! $10 gets you unlimited beer for the night!
-JELLO SHOTS! We're even making some vegan ones ;)
-BOYS! hardly dressed in our favorite outfits from the sun-soaked playa.

This SundayFunday just might get wild. Come get your feathers ruffled with the GLAMCOCKS!

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