This week's theme is one of the craziest CTG shows you will ever see, and that's saying something. Imagine this: 100+ songs on random and Suppositori Spelling does not know which of these songs is coming next. A whole array of costumes, wigs and props (not to mention shoes, of course) are on stage. You, the audience, takes bets to see how many songs Suppositori can perform before she collapses (not fall down, that's bound to happen plenty). Prizes for the person who get's it right. If you haven't seen this already, you won't want to miss it.

Show will start at 9.
Only $4.

Guido Can-Fuckin-Dito on lights
Rita Dambook at the door
Guerrilla Drag to follow, (if Suppositori isn't on her way to the hospital)

Fun for ALL!

photo by DOT


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