Dial Up Wants to Know: Who is Jackie House?


You've probably heard about our December guest, maybe you've seen a picture or two, but, what do you REALLY know about Jackie House?

We've compiled a few of the questions you've asked us when we announced the booking and wanted to share them so you know a little bit more about our December guest.

Q: "Is it true she was raised by polar bears in a yurt in Alaska, then was discovered by Yoko Ono for her snowflake designs?" -Alix
A: No.

Q: "Is it true she runs her own Haus of House design label out of Hong Kong?" -Riley
A: It's in Dubai

Q: "Is it true she once gave Steve Nicks a rim job in the back of James Taylor's tour bus?" -Oscar
A: It was Justin Bieber's tour bus

Q: "Is it true she DJ's remotely via Skype from her throne in Transylvania?" -Desiree
A: Sometimes. But, not for Dial Up. We flew her in.

Q: "Is it true she did a death drop sooo deadly at a ball in Jersey in 2001, several queens had to be rushed to the hospital to be revived?" -Art
A: Yes

Q; "Is it true she has 4 wives?" -Jon
A: Their names are Makeesha, Alyson, Bernie, and Phranc

Q: "We heard her artist ryder involves live snakes, 300 count cloth napkins, and a cock ring
A: We are switching out the live snakes with rubber snakes

Dial Up with Jackie House!
Residents: Robert Jeffrey, Dr. Sleep, dabecy
Hosts: Tim & Jorge
December 15th
10 pm
Drink specials & death drops


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