Sno-Ball **This Saturday 12/8**



Do you know what it's like to have a birthday in December? The holidays, those greedy bastards, keep hogging up all the celebration.

We're drawing a line in the snow and saying NO FURTHER.

We're throwing the winter party to start all other parties.

We're throwing **{{Sno-Ball}}**

On the heels of Hostess's demise and the impending holiday bullshit, it's time to get down Old Man Winter style.

Think snow, ice, igloos, penguins, dudes with frozen beards, and of course, the Snow Queen.

Think drinks, decorations, DJs, dancing.

Also, we haven't had one of these group birthdays in a while, and we miss 'em. If that's not enough cause to celebrate, it's the first night of Chanukah. Do you want to disappoint your bubbie even more than you already have? Oy!


Your Sno-Ball Steering Committee, a.k.a. the Winter Birthday Court:

Lady Jiggy Athilingam
Duke Josh Bukstein
Viscount Jon Burg
Archduke Joshua Kaufman
Baroness Kari Marboe
Earl Jon Sung
Viceroy Gary Walker
Marquesse Sasha Willins

Your Sno-Ball DJs, a.k.a. Team Winter Wonderland:

DJ Telene
DJ Jo Ille


[ ] Winter-themed
[ ] Fancy
[ ] Sexy

Pick at least two.


* Please RSVP if you are going to come - it is cool to bring your friends but we'd love to know how many people are coming.

* The Winter Birthday Court kindly asks for a donation of around $10 to help with the cost of the whole jimjam.

* Thanks much to the good folks at Task Rabbit ( for helping out.


We all look forward to celebrating with you:

[x] The start of the holiday party season
[x] Winter and all its good tidings
[x] The fact that our parents' lustful moment some blustery March brought us into being

Ice cold kisses,

The Winter Birthday Court


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