Goaldiggers *FREE* beer bust and San Francisco Food Bank food drive


Once again the Goaldiggers are pleased to announce our annual FREE beer bust to help out the San Francisco Food Bank. This event has brought in nearly a *TON* of food for the food bank and we're pleased to host this again this year. How does a free beer bust work you ask? Here's how:

Bring a standard sized grocery sack full of items from your pantry to benefit the San Francisco Food bank. Useful items include dried rice and beans, peanut butter, canned soups and stews and tuna. Please make sure the items are *non-perishable*.

Bring said sack with you to Truck this Saturday December 8th at 4p and drink all the beer you can until 8p. That's it!

We'll still have Jello-O shots available for sale as well as a raffle (grand prize: two tickets to an upcoming San Francisco Bulls hockey game!). Even if you don't bring groceries to donate, you can still purchase a beer bust for $10.


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