Hell'a Tight Holiday Edition!


It's That Time Of Year... Hell'a Tight! Holiday Edition! I'm loaded with Holiday Bubblegum Jams to get you in the mood this season. Not only will I be playing pretty much The Entire Hanson 'Snowed In' Record, I've got your usual Favs to bring you back to 1999. Candy Grams are in season, and I've got one just for you! Enjoy Tasty Treats All Night Long while you jump around and shoot my Sticky Sweet $3 Bubblegum Shots.

A night like this only comes once a year, let's celebrate the season and spend it together! It's so 2000 Late!

Performances by:
Lindsay Slowhands
Gina Cide
and More... Holler!

Underground SF (424 Haight St.)
$5 Cover

Photo By Allen Jordan


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