Indie Cent is THIS SATURDAY!!


Indie Cent:
A Real Cute Dance Party
November 24th, 2012
Underground SF
424 Haight St

Riding the epic wave of fun from last month, we're excited to announce the second to last Indie Cent of all time! INDIECEMBER!

We've got your liaison to the beats, HAUTE TODDY, and he's bringing Austin party rocker, CHENG CHENG to spill out his own gloriously sweet indie jammage that he uncovers from the furthest corners of the indie world. He's got Indie Cent stamped all over him and he made a special preview mix for the night. Check it out below!!

The nights are getting longer, and the creatures of the night are coming out. In this night of post-apocalyptic madness, Lindsay Slowhands will emerge from the wreckage to entertain and amaze. She's undoubtedly one of San Francisco's best drag performers and she ALWAYS delivers. We'll do a head count of survivors before confirming the other talent for the night.

We're going balls to the wall with our theme this month. We're looking forward to being the wild ones that persevere through the end of the Mayan calendar and we're gonna dance the shit out of Underground SF to celebrate our survival. Shit tons of decorations, and if you enjoyed the photos from last month, we're bringing back our real cute photographer, Thibo to make magic behind the lens once again.

Stupid strong drinks. Ridiculously cute crowd. The best music in the city.

Let's go fucking crazy.

The Boys

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