Ladies Love the Punch Line


A hilarious all-female stand-up comedy showcase takes the stage at the Punch Line for Ladies Love the Punch Line. Ladies Love features a carefully curated lineup of female comics who deliver innovative humor in a distinct female voice.

Experience cleverly crafted intelligent jokes (and some silliness too) that will leave your stomach aching, cheeks hurting and most importantly remind you that women are and always will be funny.

Ladies Loving the Punch Line. . .

Amy Miller (our special guest host for the evening)

Alison Stevenson

Stephanie Silverman

Kelly Anneken

Karinda Dobbins

Caitlin Gill

closing out the show will be Lydia Popovich

Discount tickets can be purchased at GOLDSTAR:

You can CALL the Punch Line directly Tuesday thru Sundat 3pm - 6pm to avoid ticket fees 415-397-7573

If you like ticket fees please hit up Live Nation


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