Bernadette & Ferosha Titt'es Co-Host MEOW MIX 2013 Once!!


Please join the Fabulash Ferosha Titt'es and bernadette for MEOW MIX 2013: Show and Tell!

This coming Tuesday, bernadette will do a special singer-songwriter pre-show at 10pm to delight and entertain you before the wonderful MEOW MIX Variety Show!!! The theme: Show and Tell... so bring your dolla's and make these queens holla!!!!!!!

Featured performers will be:

The Talented Trangela Lansbury
The Luscious Lollipop Deluxe
The Marvelous Maria Konner
The Naughtiest Naughty Nature
The Yummiest Yosefine Tinkleman
The Regal Russell of the Princes
The Realest Rheal 'Tea
The Awesome Alexa VonKickinface
The Purdiest Pnk of the Feathers
The Man of Welly
The Lovely Liz of O Show
The Justice Joe Conscious

What do you get when you meow mix Sav Blanc once with Bubbles?????

and so many MORE!!!!



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