We Carry Each Other


“We Carry Each Other”
Jan 22 – April 21
Public Reception: Friday, February 1st, 2013 6pm- 9pm
Room for Big Ideas

YBCA presents the latest Room for Big Ideas project, “We Carry Each Other,” an installation featuring works of art by Eliza Barrios, Lynn Breedlove, Sam Lowthur, Amaryllis DeJesus Moleski, Erica Berman, Philip Huang & Theo Knox, and Christopher Mika. Using the mediums of sculpture, projection, movement and sound, each of these artists explores the intimate complexities – including desire, perspective and queerness – of individual and group identity. Each work of art offers an alternative narrative of a journey each of us takes, alone and together.

The donation-based LGBT safe ride service HOmobiles presents a multimedia recreation of the HOmobiles experience, including a papier-mâché replica of a 1962 Cadillac, HOmobiles trading cards, and an audio loop of an Npr segment reporting on the service.

Threshold, by Eliza Barrios, will be projected on the exterior windows of the Room for Big Ideas. Each video sequence in the work offers the observer an optical exploration of the alternative self, subtly guiding them through the perceived uniqueness of transgressive identities.

Philip Huang and Theo Knox present Golgotha, a wall installation of fluttering paper, which evokes a place that is at once restless and restful on the periphery of society.

Christopher Mika’s Liebestod – Love/Death – Verklarung is a sound work that layers and synchronizes historical recordings of the climactic finale of Richard Wagner’s opera Tristan und Isolde, allowing listeners to experience the sound of thousands of instrumentalists and nearly two dozen sopranos playing and singing together, unencumbered by space and time.


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