LGBT Rights and Community in Israel -- 37 Years of Progress


An evening with leaders of Israel's first LGBT organization

THE AGUDA, the National Israeli LGBT Task Force, was founded in 1975, at a time when homosexuality was still illegal in Israel. Today, LGBT people in Israel enjoy rights equivalent to or better than those in the U.S., Pride parades in Tel Aviv draw tens of thousands, and there is an out gay member of the Knesset. Aguda Chairperson Shai Doitsh and Executive Director Natalie Sade will speak about the remarkable trajectory of this community and the ways that they are pushing forward today in politics, social services and community building.
THE AGUDA is a human rights organization that works to improve the life of LGBT people. A volunteer based organization, it works in the areas of advocacy, promoting legislation and providing for the social needs of the LGBT communities throughout Israel. Among their new projects this year are outreach to the Arab sector, youth suicide prevention, and a center for preventing homophobic violence.

NATALIE SADE, Executive Director, has worked in the LGBT press, led successful efforts for transgender rights, and worked with LGBT youth.
SHAI DOITSH, Chairperson, leads a project promoting gay tourism to
Tel Aviv and helped found the Aguda in Eilat.

Sponsored by A Wider Bridge and Temple Sinai.
Co-sponsored by the Jewish Federation of the Greater East Bay and the Consulate General of Israel to the Pacific Northwest.


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