FREE DONUTS! (and a photo shoot)


Rowena Richie and Jennifer Chien need your help.

We need to take a few pictures of you, standing next to somebody else. This is for our upcoming show, Twindependent, which opens at CounterPULSE on March 21, 2013. We will give you donuts in exchange for this help! Or if you don't like donuts, chocolate?

Can you spare 30-ish minutes of your time on:

Saturday 1/26 1pm-4pm

Sunday 1/27 10am-4pm


What we need:

- You, wearing a black tank top (or black sleeveless thing of some kind)

- Possibly a friend/lover/sibling/stranger that you bring along who may or may not look like you. Maybe your psychic twin best friend? Or your actual twin? Or the bartender you met last night? Or anyone, really... Also wearing a black tank top.

- A willingness to put on a wig or some other prop

This will be around 18th and Guerrero in the Mission, in San Francisco.

Respond here or message me if you can do it! And please share with any and everyone you can think of.

Thank you for reading!!!!


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