Bass Cabaret: Bonnie & Clyde's Valentine (2/16 ft. ANTISERUM)


Bass Cabaret: Bonnie & Clyde's Valentine Sat. Feb 16th @ Inner Mission!

Music by: ANTISERUM + Johnny 5 + Nebakaneza + Mr. Kitt
Seduction by: Sasha Va Boom + Erin Shredder + SlinkyCat

"Imagine a world where clowns wear colorful fishnets, tutus and lace-up boots. You can hear the constant sound of a leather whip making contact with some poor souls tender skin. There is fog everywhere and it’s lit up like the aurora borealis. Beautiful women in intricately beaded bodices and flowing skirts dance the night away to electronic music—some just sporting a modest pair of pasties.

If you are too lazy to imagine this eccentric scene, you can experience it for yourself at Bass Cabaret—a seductive burlesque show set to chest-rattling bass music."

-Jessica Graham,

Bass Cabaret: Bonnie & Clyde's Valentine Sat. Feb 16th @ Inner Mission!

Music By:
* Mr. Kitt
* Johnny 5
* Nebakaneza

Live Seduction By:
*Sasha Va Boom
*Erin Shredder

Along with that incredible line-up we'll have plenty of pleasant surprises waiting for you!

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Inner Mission, 2050 Bryant St, San Francisco, CA.
A new and extravagant venue with amazing production value.


Saturday, February 16th, doors open @ 9:00pm


Burlesque, Party Favors, Popcorn, Awesomeness, Good Vibes, Great Energy, Smiling People, Seductive Women, Gorgeous Men, Tom-foolery, Booty-shaking, Fist-pumping, Neck-breaking Bass music.

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--- Costumes Encouraged ---

Door prizes for best Bonnie and Clyde couple!
Suggestions include: 20's and 30's prohibition era / sideshow / circus / bohemian / Burner

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---- Bonnie's and Clyde's DJs -----

- Antiserum ( Smog/ Dub Police/ SF) ---------------------------
Antiserum is an electronic dance music producer from San Francisco, whose originating style of West Coast bass music emerged during the dawn of the Bay Area dubstep movement. His music is characterized by the use of heavy drums, rolling bass lines, and distinct melodies, with a tight production style that gives nods to hip-hop, soul, funk, drum & bass, reggae, and metal. His live DJ performances oscillate between high-octane mixes and emotional progressions, built around new and unreleased material with a focus on high energy and dance floor appeal.

Reaching a prominent international audience through Beatport in 2008, Antiserum landed the 8th best-selling dubstep track of the year. His first tour launched in 2009 to Australia and New Zealand, which set forth a whole new fan base and realm of inspiration that brought him back for a second tour two years later. By the start of 2011, he released The Swarm EP with Rottun Recordings, opened for Excision and Downlink on first full-scale dubstep production to hit the US: the 30-show Subsonic Tour. He was picked up by Caspa’s Dub Police label with his collaborative renditions of the West Coast's own "purple" sound, featuring the tracks "Zephyr" and "Purple & Gold" with Los Angeles dubstep warrior 12th Planet and the multi-faceted ill-Esha. Antiserum’s dynamic production style has also sparked collaborations with electronic artists Eskmo, DJG, ill-esha, Noah D, Triage, Mayhem, Dubsworth, Vinja, and Babylon System. Aside from his regular live DJ performances, Antiserum has also guest lectured and performed at Ex’pression College for Digital Arts in the Bay Area.

Irie Cartel

- MR KITT ( Irie Cartel/Ritual Dubstep/ SF) ---------------------------

Mr.Kitt has been Rocking crowds the past few years. Born into a British family from Gloucestershire,the first generation American has been influenced by his Britishcousins and friends who introduced him to early British Electro,2-Step, Garage, Grime & Dubstep. While spending most of his youthcanvassing the west coast as a predominant graffiti artist, Mr.Kittwas drawn to the dark, ominous sounds of bass, inspiring him to putdown the spray paint and pick up the tables after an encounter withthe law.

-NEBAKANEZA (Irie Cartel/Ritual Dubstep/ SF)--------------------

Nebakaneza is nuts! I think he is certifiably insane, but he seems to find his therapy by slamming Dubstep through the speakers. Don't be surprised if he interacts with the crowd and throws random things at you in the name of fun and mayhem. He has an eerie yet sexy style that covers many aspects of Dubstep from the face melting wobbles, to the strip your clothes off sultry sounds. He is a DJ that likes to use his mixer and turntables as instruments, so you will see him playing with the music like a DJ should. He looks scary, but is a friendly soul. Don't be afraid to run up to him during a set and show him some love. He may just give you a bear hug and show you love back.

- JOHNNY 5 (Irie Cartel/Ritual Dubstep/ Oakland) --------------------------
An Oakland, CA resident, by way of Chicago, Johnny5 cut his teeth as an MC and hip-hop producer in both cities, sharing stages with the likes of independent legends Typical Cats as well as major acts including Raekwon and Devin the Dude. With an arsenal of forthcoming original tunes, a vast collection of rare and exclusive tracks, and uncanny ability to read a crowd's mood, Johnny5 continues to spread his unique blend of filthy bass music styles to dance floors and festivals around the West Coast and worldwide! He recently he started Irie Cartel recordings with many new releases to come for 2012 representing the dirtier dub sounds to come out of SF and the California Bay Area.

See you soon!
  • Inner Mission SF
    2050 Bryant St, San Francisco
  • Saturday Feb 16, 2013
  • Event on Facebook


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