Hot Mess: Now It's Getting Awkward


New Conservatory Theatre Center Presents...

Hot Mess: Now It's Getting Awkward
February 7th, 8th, 9th, 14th, 15th, and 16th at 8pm


It's been a whole year since we gave birth to San Francisco's biggest sketch comedy train wreck, and we are thrilled that NCTC invited us back for two hot weekends of shows...especially after the mess we made the last time.

Featuring our hot messy pool of actors, writers, and directors...

Giovanna Arieta
Spencer Bainbridge
Kirsten Broadbear
Megan Cohen
Annie Diehl
Alani Foxall
Jesus Fuentes
Joe Jordan
Sang S. Kim
Renee LeVesque
Dave Levine
Pearl Maril
James Martin
Colin McCarthy
Sarah Moser
Tonya Narvaez
Shaun Plander
Kaeli Quick
Sara Staley
Evan Wagoner-Lynch

So put on your pants, and don't make eye contact, because it's about to get awkward!


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