Daddy Saddle w/Sugarbaker


It's Bill Baker's birthday and what better way to celebrate turning 65 then to DJ for the first time! He also shares a birthday with Jimmy Swear so get ready for some shennanigans! Daddy Saddle will never be the same...

Guest selector:
Sugarbaker spinning an eclectic mix of the music he grew up on.

Daddy Saddle is a monthly event on the first Friday's of the month at Truck.

This party is for me, you, her, that guy,
freaks, cavemen, faux queens, burners,
women, faeries, bears, butchies, fems,
dykes, twinks, clam smackers, cubs, fatties,
straights, daddies, trannies, hot mamas,
tater tots, knob gobblers, chicks, dudes,
trouser droppers, mommies, and queerdos
featuring music from every genre.

Artwork by danyol

$4 Jager Barrels!

Will and Scott taking care of you at the bar and Alex taking care of all of your other needs!

This event will always be FREE!!!


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