2014 Semi-Final #4


2014 Bare Chest Calendar Semi-Final Competition

Shirtless sexy men, raffles, Miller specials and more!
Come early and bare your chest, stay late and drop your pants for Underwear Night!

The Bare Chest Calendar and Team BCC exist for one purpose – to raise vital funds that support the missions of our beneficiaries, AIDS Emergency Fund and Positive Resource Center

2014 will mark the 30th Edition of the Bare Chest Calendar. Sometimes the most difficult part of turning 30 is being 29. Some of you reading this may remember when you turned 30 (the first time) and some may be looking ahead at this marker. The Bare Chest Calendar is about to turn this corner and we are excited, moved, amazed and encouraged.

Have we done enough? Have we been enough? Have we grown enough?
The answer-Yes and never. Our work is not done.

This fight has taken many turns over these 30 years and we have worked hard to do our part to keep up and will continue to do so. As long as our Brothers and Sisters living with HIV/AIDS are in need we will be there to meet those needs.

Show your support and join us at the Powerhouse!


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