2018 Prelim #8


2018 Bare Chest Calendar Powerhouse Prelim

2018 marks the 34th Edition of the Bare Chest Calendar. Join us and support our Finalists as they complete their second challenge and show off for the judges. To date 387 men have appeared on the pages of the Calendar and this year we are looking for 13 more. That's right we're looking for our 400th calendar man, who will it be? It could be you, barechest.org/compete for more info.

Shirtless sexy men, raffles, Miller specials and more!
Come early and bare your chest, stay late and drop your pants for Underwear Night!

The Bare Chest Calendar and Team BCC exist for one purpose – to raise vital funds that support the missions of our beneficiaries, AIDS Emergency Fund and Positive Resource Center.

As long as our Brothers and Sisters living with HIV/AIDS are in need we will be there to meet those needs.

Show your support and join us at the Powerhouse!


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