AMBER MARTIN in AMBER ALERT! With Special Guests Lost Lockets.

COCHON RECORDS presents NYC PERFORMANCE QUEEN, AMBER MARTIN... BRINGING HER CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED AMBER ALERT! TO SAN FRANCISCO FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY! SEE AMBER IN VIDEO: the big, moving Bessie Smith-like sound of the chill-inducing Texas-born singer and actress Amber Martin -The New Yorker Hilton Als Best Performers of 2010 The pitch-perfect, multitalented Martin seamlessly floats between multiple costumes, personae and skits, never once leaving the stage, and carrying the calm of a seasoned performer The New York Times I haven't laughed like that in I don't know when. Amber is the real deal, a fucking scream, like I Love Lucy on acid beyond the pale! I think she is brilliant! - Sandra Bernhard This is one broad who has a voice and needs her own TV show. NY Press Amber Martins hilarious characters and soulful voice bring me back to the New York City of my dreams, where the most talented ones rule. Where a girl with a voice and a heart of gold can make it on sheer talent alone. Amber is that girl. James Kaliardos, co-founder of V Magazine "Ms. Martin is an artistic brick shit-house of a performer. Her blend of rubber-faced, pitch perfect singing and backwoods showmanship make for a musical trip-out you wont easily forget." Jake Shears, Scissor Sisters Like watching Ruth Draper after shes come back from an acid trip during which she thought she was Janis Joplin... Fight for a ticket. -- Willamette Week In the footsteps of comic character comediennes such as Lily Tomlin, Carol Burnett, and Whoopi Goldberg, acclaimed vocalist and comedic performance artist, Amber Martin brings her award winning chops to San Francisco. Martin's recent, sold out performance series, Amber Alert! is an ongoing, mind-altering hour of meticulously chosen musical and comedic vignettes from Ambers strange and fascinating toy box of characters. Blending music, monologues, movement, and acid-capped comedy with a pristine, multi-octave range singing voice, Amber Alert! is Amber Martins own serio-comic multiple-personality trip. Amber has seasoned each performance with rotating celebrity guests: Justin Bond, Casey Spooner, John Cameron Mitchell, Jake Shears, Kaetlin Kennedy and Karen Black, to name a few. Noted as a performer of many faces and voices with boundless energy to burn, performer Amber Martin was acknowledged by The New Yorker in Hilton Als Top Performers of 2010, Her performances have left such celebrity audience members as Joan Rivers (Ms. Rivers personally invited Amber to open her solo show run), William Hurt, Sandra Bernhard, Joyce Dewitt, Michael Stipe, Chuck Palanhuik and Todd Haynes howling with delirium. So put on your thinking caps for an old school downtown-style cocktail performance by one of the next sensations of thought-provoking musical comedy... Miss Amber Martin. WHAT: Amber Martin in AMBER ALERT! WHEN: Monday, August 1st 2011 TIME: 10:30PM (doors @ 8:30, opener Lost Lockets @ 9:30) WHERE: The Hypnodrome, 575 10th Street, SF, CA 94103 VENUE: 415-377-4202 TICKETS: $20 @ Retrofit Vintage, 920 Valencia Street, 94110, 415-550-1530/ also at door. For more info or to contact Amber, please feel free to email her at: [email protected]

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