GlamCock's Present: Feral-Reclaim the Wild


Join the GlamCocks for a night of carnality as we unleash our wildest Burning Man party on San Francisco. An animal dwells within you, yearning to be released. This creature lives in the moment without fear or inhibitions. Together we will set loose our inner beast and awaken our instinctual sense of belonging. Come dance with us as the GlamCocks Present: Feral.

It’s a GlamCocks party, so costumes are only natural. We’ll be dressed to celebrate the diversity of life on Earth. Feathers, fur and scales are preferred at this event, but no matter what you look like on the outside, it’s what’s inside that counts. We’re social animals, and we want to socialize with you.

Free your heart, obey your senses, and go Feral with the GlamCocks.


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