The Broni Mitchell Show: Amy vs. Janis


This month at The Broni Mitchell Show we pay homage to our two favorite members of the 27 Club, Amy Winehouse and Janis Joplin! Join hostesses Laundra Tyme, Scarlett Letters, and Creme Fatale for a night of live music, XL winged cat eyes, and indiscriminate withdrawal induced mumbling. With two of the most influential vocalists of the modern era, a can-do attitude, and an ample supply of ilicit substances what could go wrong?

With Team Amy
Scarlett Letters
Beatrix LaHaine
Mama Celeste

And Team Janis
Laundra Tyme
Creme Fatale
And Jane Doh ( Max Jqh)

with very special guest..
Yves Saint Croissant! (Sean Santos)

Lights by Dakota Pendant (Mikey Strider)
And Phatima Rude at the door!
photos by Asia Hassan

$8 at the door
Show @ 10:30


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