Hamiltunes San Francisco


Hello hello hello San Francisco Hamiltunians! We are pleased to announce our newest Hamiltunes event on Sunday, July 23 at our favorite bar Oasis. Lock up your daughters and horses and head down to Oasis to sing your favorite Hamilton songs!

Doors at 6 PM. We sing at 7:00 PM. And yes, we will be using the Hamilton instrumentals so make sure you practice in your car and your shower because it's all on you this time! The crowd will be your backup singers!

Free admission but head here: https://sfoasis.com/event?id=hamiltunes-hamilton-sing-alongjuly-77778 to RSVP as space is limited. You must RSVP if you want to get in! Also, since it's three hours of fun times with your friends for free, please please please SUPPORT the Oasis and drink A LOT. Whether you drink alcoholic drinks or soda/juice, please help us support this amazing bar!

Also if you are free earlier in the day, come on out to the Oasis patio at 2 PM and support a local brewery AND a great cause with proceeds going to Rainbow Road, an organization that is helping rescue LGBT individuals who are facing persecution in Chechyna. Check out the event details here: https://sfoasis.com/event?id=weenie-roast-69855 ! Admission to this event is also free but you do have to RSVP.

Sign up sheet is here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1eRY2yyQq62Y87Agjw1253V60qLYawLN_0HGO0n6zv2c/edit?usp=sharing


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