Uptown Homos


Hosted By Kelly Robbie Hansen

Uptown Homos is for ALL Queers who want to be around other Queers, this means YOU! Trans Men & Women, QPOC, GNConformers, Femmes, Butches, Unicorns, Dykes, and everyone in-between. Come FLIRT with your community. Be Seen. Be Heard. COME EARLY TO TAKE UP SPACE! Cheap drinks for your homo delight! Come get some lovin' attention from the homos you adore and want to be adored as our

Hey hey it Gessika Krieger exact Birthday, meaning it's about to get rowdy and sexy folks! The most babeliest Maritza D. Haller will be serving you drinks and some femme love! And our most favorite resident Tender, Clark will be behind the bar as well! We love them so much!

Party is 6pm-11pm.
Come Queer!
Come get your Homo On RAaaarrrrrr

Accessibility: The Uptown is accessible, two entrances (front door with one stair, and side door on Capp with no stairs). Two all gender bathrooms, one is wheelchair accessible.

**Uptown Homos: is a FREE QUEER night. We work hard to create safe space for all queers in a local neighborhood bar: Racism, Transphobia, Homophobia, Fatphobia, and Misogyny will absolutely not be tolerated.**


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