Phantasmagoria, Folsom Fair Weekend 9.22 SF


Phantasmagoria / Folsom Fair Weekend / irl installations of sex positivity / leather / bdsm / lace / ropes / chains / domination / submission / consent / interactive dark corners / personal space / public portrayals / dads and boys, pups and handlers, pigs and piglets, hanky codes, anything goes, sniff out something for yourself, the curious and the experienced. Submit yourself as an installation/exhibition: [email protected]

w/ Fog City Pack, Viktor Belmont, Terry Miller, Tyler Rush + More

Barber cuts by Daddy Brock (Seattle)

Aural Curations by:
IN FLAGRANTI (Codek, Phantasy, UK)
KELLY NAUGHTON (DAD/Dudes and Disco)

Hosted by Nark

Box meat Daniel Blair, Kyle S, Colton Long

Door host Shelix
Quick entry line with presale ticket..


Score a Phantasmagoria t shirt, but you may have to work for it...


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