Anchor & Hope

100% love it
SOMA Seafood HotSpot
Near the Financial District, Anchor & Hope marries the formality of East Coast dining with the casual vibe of California to create an spiffed-up version of the classic Seafood Shanty.


    • jasonbopp73
      jasonbopp73 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Don't Get Hooked into the Wharf
      People visit SF and think of the Wharf for Seafood. It's overpriced and terrible and that is for all restaurants down there! South of Market in the FiDi is the best new seafood in town. Anchor & Hope sister to Town Hall and Salthouse is a modern seafood restaurant, great atmosphere that offers daily oyster specials and a regular menu that would delight residents of Atlantis!! A must if your in town and have a craving for Seafood!