Sweet Inspiration

100% love it
Cakes, coffees, and plenty of room
Sweet Inspiration has satisfying desserts, a friendly staff, and ample space to read, write, and relax.


    • elvism
      elvism Over a year ago

      Try the Chocolate Cake With Raspberry Ganache

    • majorejulian
      majorejulian Over a year ago

      The "peanut butter and chocolate cake" sign should read "peanut, butter, and chocolate cake"

    • cynk
      cynk Over a year ago

      Used to be better
      I used to love the cakes at Sweet Inspirations- beautiful, amazingly delicious, super moist, lots of options, and huge portions. Then the portions got smaller. Then the cakes got dryer. Then they started to taste pretty average. Sadly, they closed down their wonderful Fillmore shop, and the one in the Castro is nice for nostalgia and an alternative to hanging out in a coffee shop, but I wouldn't go there just for the cake (like I used to).