Cruisin' the Castro Tour

100% love it
Walking with Pride since '89
Explore the historical, diverse and colorful sites of San Francisco and the Castro neighborhood that include the Gold Rush, civil rights leader Harvey Milk and the Rainbow Honor Walk.


    • tzwicky
      tzwicky Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Walking The Castro with a Local Expert!
      I somehow navigated my way through all forms of public transport and found myself in The Castro on a Friday. It's like a super-gay theme park down there and you can wander around aimlessly on your own, just scratching the surface. I was hanging out in the Harvey Milk Plaza getting shots here and there and noted that a woman was talking to a guy with a huge video camera. I followed at a distance and figured out they were talking about the kind of tour I had wanted to book during my planning for the trip. So I grabbed Kathy and tore her away from the videographer long enough to squeeze the where and when of the next scheduled tour from her and continued with the stuff I had going on that day. That night I booked the tour on her website. Bright and early on Saturday with unexpectedly good weather I met Kathy and began to explore the history and folklore of GLBT Main Street with a total expert. Kathy is a virtual storehouse of information. And she knows everyone. It's freaky but we must have encountered a dozen people on the tour and exchanged pleasantries. Saturday morning in The Castro is super laid back and chill and was the perfect time to tour. I have done 100s of walks in Los Angeles and London and this one stacks right up there with the best I've been on. I thought The Castro would be like a theme park, but with Kathy's expertise you see immediately it is like a very small village where everyone knows your name. Do Not Miss this tour. It is .... Fabulous.

    • i feel at home here
      love you castro

    • sej24
      sej24 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      cant wait
      Heading over in october and this is on the list to do

    • squeal71
      squeal71 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      great time - educational, good value, fun
      Kathy (the owner) was a great tour guide. She didn't operate off of a boring generic script, but interacted with the group. Waited for questions, was flexible with the timing; while ring respectful of everyone's plans. The flow was great and there were few hills that we really went up; interesting feat in San Fran. :-). Thanks Kathy, i wish u continued success with your business.