98% love it
Casual neighborhood bar
Opened by bartenders from Moby Dick, Daddy's (now 440) and Whiskey Lounge, this casual bar offers a good time and a full bar menu (ask about the cheese balls).


    • garamond
      garamond Over a year ago

      Go for their pop-up dinners!

    • JoeFuentes
      JoeFuentes Over a year ago
      Loves it

      hot hot hot
      Great neighborhood vibe. Fun place to chill and take it all in.

    • loves2play
      loves2play Over a year ago
      Loves it


    • noraasllim
      noraasllim Over a year ago
      Loves it

      I always feel at home here. Great people watching, friendliest bar staff, just don't bring your homegirl on Tuesday night. It gets a little blue.

    • oscarraymundo
      oscarraymundo Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Pick me up in this Truck
      The perfect size to go grab a drink with some friends and scope out the hotties walking around the bar. Just the right mix of dirty and clean cut.

    • todepperson
      todepperson Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Lots of fun! There is this one guy who works there who is lean and tall ... I think is name is scott or tod but he is super hot and such a nice guy

    • msiaguy
      msiaguy Over a year ago
      Loves it

      This isn't a typical TRUCK...
      The guys at his bar is HOT - and with the occasional mixed crowd of straight guys; it becomes very HOT. The drinks are good, and music is decent; but the boys are definitely the main course. Check it out on Tuesday night, if you can get a hold of the password for an amazing time at Truck!

    • marcsmolowitz
      marcsmolowitz Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Awesome neighborhood bar... go for the food
      The hamburgers are tasty! Check out Truck for a weekday lunch, and you'll find all types of LGBT-ers and queer friendly straight folks there to enjoy the yummy menu. Great, friendly hangout. Easy parking. Go there...

    • smartissexy
      smartissexy Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Home of COCKTAILGATE!
      Sunday is the new Friday at Truck... the home of Cocktailgate, a hot, hot drag show, hosted by the ever-outrageous Suppositori Spelling! The cast of queer theatre spectacle, Stale Magnolias (just around the corner at the Glama-rama) always stops by for a drink, and the boys are cute & friendly! Also a great spot for late night eats...

    • sfgam
      sfgam Over a year ago
      Loves it

      This place is hot!
      This place is cool, hip, has great music and lots of energy! I drove by this bar a numberous of time during the day and finally went there to check it out last Saturday night. My boyfriend and I walked in about 10pm and there were several dozen of people hanging out. There is a diner like place in the back that serves burgers and fries. We just had our dinner in the Castro otherwise would love to try their food. By 11pm, the place was packed with studs age from late 20's to mid 30's. Just about everyone there is physically fitted so you would see lots of eye candies. Most people go there to meet up friends and I didn't see a lot of singles cruising. A very hot African Amercian guy wearing tight swim trunks was pouring dollar shot of magarita and we got a few from him. The location is not great but it is an alternative if you wanted to stay away from the Castro and catch a breath of fresh air, that's the place to go. So, good looking people, great music, burgers and fries... What more do you want? I am sure my bf and I would go back sometimes soon. Have fun boys!

    • bullseye
      bullseye Over a year ago
      Loves it

      boys in the 'hood
      this is the kind of bar we need more of in sf: a true 'hood bar, with a very diverse crowd. that way you don't have to drive way across town, polluting the earth, to get to the home of your trick!

    • whitters9
      whitters9 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      UK Visitor
      On my recent trip to San Fran i discovered Truck after trying a few lesbian bars! Truck was great, very friendly and amazing food. Mary (one of the owners)sure knows how to make a cocktail and make us feel welcome! Thanks Mary!

    • dan
      dan Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Nice Alternative
      If you are looking to get out of the castro for a drink, this is a nice alternative. friendly crowd ranging in age from 20's to 40's, plus pool and pin ball.

    • pepe
      pepe Over a year ago
      Hates it

      In the eye of the believer
      Loved the logo (Tonka imitation), and the place has a prominent corner location, off the beaten path and still at the crossroads between the Folsom and Castro hubs. But you can really find a cuter crowd elsewhere and the music is too tired. Although, there aren't that many places playing this kind of crappy rock that can fill a room. It's all in the eyes of the believers, not mine, alas.

    • PowerAction
      PowerAction Over a year ago
      Loves it!!
      Great quirky automotive-themed decor. Tasty specialty drinks (Try the Folsom Pear). Bar food is good & greasy. During happy hour, they pass-out shots of random cocktail. Some real hotties hang-out here. Truck...I think I'm falling in love with you!