90% love it
Steamy sex and massages

Looking for a little privacy? Not at Eros. Everything happens in the open here. Busy after work and as the bars begin to close. Imagine that.


    • FrankieSanFran
      FrankieSanFran 9 months ago

      This is the place for hot daddies and granddaddies. I like they have condoms and soap dispensers on the walls filled with lube. You can watch other men having sex and join

    • chaujun
      chaujun Over a year ago
      Loves it

      I wish he could see
      I was here in June 2016, and I think it was the Friday night right before the Pride Parade. After walking around the place without seeing any interesting people for a while, I ended up meeting a gorgeous white top guy there. He is probably in his 40s or 50s and in a great shape. He was pounding a Latino bottom back then. I sat nearby and was watching them with a bunch of other people. The bottom couldn’t handle it anymore, and he just stopped. He passed by me, we made eye contact, and smiled to each other. I was hoping he was interested in me. It turned out that he really was! I found this out when we were in the lounge area on the first floor. We saw each other again and this time he made the first move, grabbed my hand and we walked upstairs. He has such a beautiful body, and I love his pale skin. I loved his package of course. We did a lot of making out, even though he was very cautious and didn’t allow tongue-to-tongue kissing. He also had condom on his cock, and this makes blowjob tastes really bad. Regardless, he took care of me and was very gentle when he was topping me. At the end, he was asking for my number, and I was so stupid that I told him l live in Los Angeles and I won’t be here so often. And he said he lives in San Jose if my memory is correct. Damn, we should have exchanged our numbers. This experience is unforgettable. I wish you might see this one day. Thanks! And thank EROS. By the way, I am a 5’8 Asian guy in late 20s back then.

    • Paddy789
      Paddy789 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Visit from a Kiwi
      Went lunchtime Wed 19 March 2014. Met nice toned dark skinned young man, had a great gentle time, mmm. Thanks for making my visit to the USA. Found Eros staff very helpful & all guys there friendly, well worth a visit

    • kyle111351
      kyle111351 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Had a great time!
      I've been to Eros many times and again last night I had a great time. The place could use an upgrade, but it's clean and the guys who work there are great. If you're uptight about a specific "age", this isn't the place for you. You'll find everyone from 20somethings to 60somethings here and every body type. I've never had a problem hooking up, but I'm not shy about asking ;) Enjoy!!

    • macthesavage
      macthesavage Over a year ago

      " THE BEST "
      Well My Title says It- Luv it at EROS - SF still has the No closed rooms for rent in SF Sex Clubs. Put into place when Rock Hudson blew open the World with Himself Admiting He had AIDS and had been in Treatment in Paris France- (1985) SF closed down Sutro Bath House and Every gay bath in the City- I just really like / enjoy / The Staff / most ALL Customers / I like to think EROS Has a better Customer Client Base... " C " Ya There... Oh Yes - - - VERY Clean !

    • Felipe2010
      Felipe2010 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Eros Bathhouse a threatening place for your health
      ALERT! i went to Eros bathhouse on November 5, 2012. The place is seedy, disgusting floor, the sauna is dirty, the steem room looks moldy and due to everybody has to walk barefoot, the carpet feels sticky underfoot. It's a dangerous place for health and ashamed that health authorities do nothing to require them to clean the place or to close. I went as a tourist and i warn the community to avoid going to this place

    • chrisnyc
      chrisnyc Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Eros is on e of the Best!
      It's true Eros is in need of an update, but being trapped in the 80's is part of its gritty charm. I love the fact there are no private rooms, which makes hooking up more difficult. The space is big enough, has bunk beds, video areas, a steam room, small sauna, and adequate showers. The staff is exceptionally friendly, and welcome everyone with a smile. The clientele varies from young and hot to old and luke warm. It all depends. Thursday is the best time for the young guys (which I appreciate), because they offer a discount for guys under 25. Sunday is the most crowded, but Friday and Saturday are good too. I also have had luck on Tuesday nights. Whenever I'm in San Francisco, I head toward Eros and know I'll have a good time.

    • cricketlove57
      cricketlove57 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      looking forward to visiting
      new to this place 1st time

    • ziditty
      ziditty Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Nice place
      Went once while visiting CA. Headed back this next week. Only questions is where's a good place to park? Couldn't stay long on first visit due to worries about being towed.

      GOOSWINGERS Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Nice place. xx

    • bruteboy
      bruteboy Over a year ago
      Loves it

      good sex
      Wow I must say this is the best place to get off in san francisco. It's clean, spacious and accessible. It's also easy to get laid since there are no private rooms and everyone can join in the action once it starts.

    • I want to loose my virginity here
      I am a submissive virgin in the closet and when I get up the courage this is where I want to loose my virginity and to a number of big men at once both orally and anally

    • famafo
      famafo Over a year ago
      Hates it

      The worst ever
      First of all: it stinks, probably due to the old carpet, second there's no flip-flops, so get around bare footted or with your shoes, third it's too old. What a dissappointment!

    • seriously
      Closed at 2am on a Saturday night. WTF? lame.