Sordid Lives live on stage

A play by Del Shores!
The winner of 14 DramaLogue Awards, including Best Production, Sordid Lives tells a wild and wooly family story about acceptance, and just being who you are – which is saying a lot for these characters. This colorful family from a small Texas town comes to grips with the accidental death of the elderly matriarch during a clandestine meeting in a seedy motel room with her much younger, married neighbor. A legless Vietnam vet, a transvestite obsessed with Tammy Wynette, an over-sexed therapist, and an ex-con bar singer are just a few of the hilarious characters trying to get ready for what could be a very embarrassing funeral. Sordid Lives was also a 2000 independent film, written and directed by Del Shores, and starring Olivia Newton-John, Beau Bridges, Delta Burke, and Bonnie Bedelia. The film was followed by the 2008 television series Sordid Lives: The Series.
  • Park Hall
    9400 Mill St, Ben Lomond
  • Sep 21-Oct 14, 2018
  • 8313364777

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