1.24 - "Micro NightLife" - Music by Grown Kids Radio


OMG, you’ve been colonized! But don’t fret, this is nothing new. This week get to know the plethora of microbes that colonize our bodies at a series of hands-on demonstration stations manned by scientists from the Academy and Gladstone Institutes. Compare the hearts and brains of animals to those of humans, learn about the latest infectious disease research, and step inside a mad scientist photo booth provided by Say Ya! Photobooth—all while sampling micro-brewed beers and bite-sized desserts. Microbiologist Shannon Bennett will discuss the evolution of the viruses she has spent her career chasing, and expedition medicine expert Matt Lewin will share fascinating virus case studies.

Music by Grown Kids Radio with visuals in the Coral Reef by Aoi Yamaguchi and Erik Van Der Molen.

Brilliant!Science is generously supported by Eva and Bill Price and the Koret Foundation.

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NightLife takes place Thursday nights (6-10pm) at the California Academy of Sciences. Music, Creatures and Cocktails. 21+


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