The Great Church of the Holy F***


The Great Church of the Holy Fuck is a queer mass roiling with Danger's characteristic miasma of humor and earnesty.

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(for NOTAFLOF tickets under $10, e-mail Jaclyn at [email protected])

Starting from the understanding that being a person in a body is fucking weird sometimes, and playing off the notion that sex is queer church, this [thrilling version of] mass ("...more of a heft, really...") redefines holiness from top to bottom, through and through. Expect hilarity and sacrament, sweetness and sacrilege.

"May our hearts and our holes be glorious

and our various bits be seen in the healing light of love.

Fuck be charming,

Fuck be great,

Fuck be holy,


The Heft runs a little over an hour with special musical guests and a take-home sacrament.

(If you experienced the Holy Fuck during its short run in 2011, please share reviews but not spoilers here. And know: this is an updated version!)

Check back regularly for updates and come get holy with Reverend Doctor Andrea Maybelline Danger on March 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, 2013 at Counterpulse at 8pm.

Sexually explicit--may not be suitable for children.


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