Western SOMA Plan heads to Board of Supes


We invite you to join us this Thursday as a person who is concerned with the future of nightlife in SOMA.

We are meeting on Thursday at 6:30 @ the BeatBox and here is what we are up to:

The Western Soma Plan has been sent to the Board of Supervisors for their vote. This will be the last time we can organize to make the plan live up to its stated objectives, especially around the possible LGBT district.

The good news is that the plan has been adjusted to recognize the value of entertainment and community spaces, but there are still adjustments we would like to see.

The first is about 11th Street btw Folsom and Harrison. We were successful in getting the zoning on 11th street changed so that it allowed entertainment as a right of use and did not allow residential. the Zone is called WMUO. The Planning Commission grandfathered in one project in the entire WSoma plan area and it is the residential building at 340 11th street; possibly negating the zoning change. That new residential building, if allowed to be built, will bring residents into the middle of the block (it is where the Purple Building now sits). This event could trigger the gradual press towards more restrictions on the businesses. This is of concern to the BeatBox, but also to the Eagle, Lonestar, PowerHouse and Kok Bar….Losing one more venue is not what creating a LGBT friendly neighborhood is all about.

The second is the Folsom Zoning that will curtail hours to 10PM. Yes, you read that correctly, the outcome of the zoning is to restrict commercial uses to the first floor and stack residential above it. AND impose a 10PM closing time for new businesses. We need to advocate for zoning, and it exists, that allows for a 24 hour city. If not here, where?

Limited Lime permits that end at 10pm will only be offered on Folsom Street. Should all businesses on major thoroughfares be able to have this permit designed to help business thrive?

Please join the discussion or write to your Supervisor about the changes you agree with and would like to see added to the new zoning for 11th street in the final plan.

Thanks for reading and see you next Thursday.

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