For You, Performative Gift Making Workshop at YBCA


How do we gift the immaterial? What is a performative gift? Who do we make work for and how does that work change when we give it as a gift to our friends, family, or lovers?

Erika Chong Shuch, Ghigo DiTommaso, Rowena Richie, and Ryan Tacata offer this FREE workshop at YBCA as part of the For You, performance project. This workshop will explore the philosophies that are driving the project. For You, is inspired by the idea of creating performances as a gift, where the reward is the artistic and creative intimacy of knowing who your work is for, and customizing the work for that person.

This approach builds on Shuch’s larger practice of broadening the ways that performance can live in the world. This workshop will guide participants through interdisciplinary tasks centered around themes of home, identity, and belonging, and experiment with how to create performative gifts for each other.

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For You, is a series of performance works created specifically for selected audiences of 12 people. For each cycle we’ll select 12 audience members, create a performance based on our experiences of getting to know the selected 12, and present the work exclusively for that audience. It’s an intimate adventure. Our culminating performance might take place in a black box theater, or it might unravel over a three day road trip to Las Vegas. It all depends on you.


For more information and to apply to become an audience member:

Applications for round one of For You, are now open and close January 1st, 2017.


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