Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory | Roald Dahl at 100


YBCA Screening Room
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The late Gene Wilder is magnificent as the whimsical and sinister Willy Wonka, who takes five lucky (?) children on a tour of his magical and psychedelic candy factory.
Though only a modest success upon release, this film has become both a cult classic and a beloved family favorite over the last four decades. Dahl himself wrote the screenplay for this adaptation. (1971, 100 min, 35mm)

Author Roald Dahl was best known for his darkly comic novels for children. Dahl did not trust adults or any form of sentimentality, and never condescended to his young readers. In celebration of the 100th anniversary of his birth, YBCA presents six delightfully malevolent adaptations of his most famous books, plus the weirdest-ever James Bond film, for which he wrote the screenplay.

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