Sacred Dance: 8th Annual 'white party'


Saturday, April 1st @ The Regency Ballroom in San Francisco

Opulent Temple & the Sacred Dance Foundation (our 501c) are once again ecstatic to present:

Our 8th Annual Sacred Dance 'White Party'.
We think it's definitely time for a higher calling in community.

Our signature SF event with stunning production value, decor, and performance, where we pull out all the stops, and so do you, to make some co-created magic. Our move last year to the Regency provided a new and awesome template to elevate our game with our favorite event in the city of the year.

See how it looked here:

Or see pics here:

Music in the Ballroom:
Syd Gris - Vinkalmann - Brian Williams
Dulce Vita - Brian Peek - Ian Powers
Grammar - Clint Williams

Music in Opulent Chill:
Scott E - EXOENDO - Ru-va-leE
Vibrational Souls - Ashley Ames

- Ritual performance by Lady Eternal Love & Cassandra* Sweet Beat Petite
- Amazing Hoop & Aerial action by Shredder
- Sufi Midnight Performance
Marta Serra, Lisa Titon & Jenna Anjali

- Bellydance in Opulent Chill
Bellydance Superstar Nathalie Tedrick


Little Egypt Bellydance Members Joanna Wead and Nicole Maria Hoffschneider

Analisa Renee

Herlina Nina and Noni Andarawati
Traditional Balinese Dance
Suciawani Balinese Dance

Fabulously creative white attire requested! (But you knew that)


A co-created night of magic. Bathed in light, dancing to connect and awaken.

This event sells out! Get Tix now at their lowest tiers:

Sacred Dance is a 100% benefit for Opulent Temple's 501c non-profit: the Sacred Dance Foundation

In our efforts to help the Resistance, Opulent Temple will donate a portion of proceeds to the ACLU.

The Regency Ballroom
1300 Van Ness Ave
San Francisco, CA 94109
21+ only

: )
  • The Regency Ballroom
    1300 Van Ness Ave, San Francisco
  • Saturday Apr 1
  • Event on Facebook


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